1. Findability Bliss Through Web Standards

    Aarron Walter


  2. These Concepts are Explained In The Book

  3. Here’s Where I’m Going

  4. We All Have the Same Goal

    Connect with your audience
    and stay connected

  5. Findability’s primary goals are to help users …

  6. Finda–what?

    Don’t you mean SEO?

  7. Findability is More Than Just SEO

    Diagram illustrting that findability should be pursued from inside and outside your site
  8. Get The Big Picture

    Findability can be found in usabiity, accessibility, SEO, marketing, design, develpment, and information architecture
  9. SEO Stigma - I feel icky, oh so icky

    Used car salesman
  10. Let Go of the Stigma

    Don’t be hatin’ on SEO, yo.
    Your clients get it.

  11. Clarity, Context, and Kindness

    The Buddha
  12. Findability & Web Standards Sittin’ in a Tree …

    web standards +
    compelling content =
    * findability bliss *

    • Findability and Web Standards have a symbiotic relationship. They serve one another.
    • Well written, keyword-rich, compelling content presented in a machine readable format will generate traffic to your site
    • Web standards are the secret to making your content machine readable and portable
  13. The Web Standards Connection

    Semantic Markup
    Using HTML tags and elements to communicate the information hierarchy and meaning of your content - not because of how they make your content look
    Making a website useable by as many people as possible (disabled users, users on alternate devices) without modification.
    Progressive Enhancement
    A way to present a JavaScript/Flash dependent interface so that the content is still accessible to search engines, users with disabilities, and users on alternate devices.
    A standardized grouping of HTML tags and elements to best communicate the content marked up
  14. Semantic Markup Example: Image Replacement

    <h1 id="logo" title="Fischer and Sons Funeral Home">
    	<span></span>Fischer and Sons Funeral Home
    #logo {width: 329px; height: 25px; position: relative; }
    #logo span {
        background: url(fischer-sons-funeral.gif) no-repeat;
    	position: absolute; 
    	width: 100%; height: 100%; }

    Dave Shea’s image replacement reference

  15. Essential Markup for Keyword Placement

  16. Other Places to Include Keywords

  17. Researching Keywords/Phrases

    Research if targeting a specific market

    Otherwise just stay on topic and communicate clearly with semantics

  18. How Semantically Meaningful is Your Message?

    Find out using the W3C’s
    semantics extractor


  19. Check Your Work: Sitening

    Sitening.com SEO Tools


  20. Accessibility: A More Complete Message

    <acronym title="Web Content Accessibility Guidelines">
    <abbr title="Louisiana">LA</abbr>

    Anticipate search behaviors

  21. Presenting the Entire Message

    Client Logos
  22. Footnotes

    <img src="logos.gif" alt="Client logos" 
    	longdesc="#footnote" />	
    <a href="#footnote" title="Image description">D</a>
    <a name="footnote"></a>
    <div id="footnote">
    <h4>Our Clients Include … </h4>
    	<li> Yahoo! </li>
    	<li> John Deere </li>
    	<li> CNN </li>
    • Keep content in your page for keyword density and accessibility convenience
  23. Progressive Enhancement: Clear the Roadblocks

    Progressively enhance your interface with JavaScript, Ajax, and/or Flash

    Make content accessible when
    JavaScript & Flash aren’t supported

  24. Content is Accessible Without JavaScript

    a progressivly enhaced interface

    • JavaScript writes in expand/collapse links, which doesn’t pollute keyword density
  25. Accessible Navigation: No JavaScript Required

    Ultimate dropdown menu navigaiton system

    James Edwards’ Ultimate Dropdown Menu

  26. Ajax Pitfalls

    Content loaded by Ajax is not accessible to search engines, and has no URL

  27. A Search Engine Friendly Ajax Interface

    An Ajax-driven product catalog interface

    • Navigation should work without JavaScript
    • Unique pages should be provided for each product
  28. A Search Engine Friendly Ajax Solution

    Diagram illustrating a search engine friendly approach to Ajax

  29. Another Search Engine Friendly Ajax Solution

    Don’t load important content
    with Ajax

  30. Findable Flash

    Flash is a top level interface layer - enhance accordingly

    • Search engines can read content within Flash, but the semantics are pretty rough
    • Important Flash content needs to be presented in HTML first, then enhanced with Flash
  31. SWFObject for Progressive Flash

    JavaScript detects Flash support then embeds SWF into page


  32. A Findable Flash Promo

    A Flash advertisement

    <div id="flash-promo">
    <a href="#promos" title="See our latest promotions">
      <img src="images/promo.jpg" 
      alt="Save 10% on the Berry Bowl" />
    • Use longdesc to connect to t afoot note that provides text descriptions of every slide.
  33. SWFObject in Action

    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/swfobject.js">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var so = new SWFObject("slideshow.swf",
  34. No Compromise Rich Interface

    If you build intelligently, you don’t have to compromise the user experience

  35. Microformats

    The ultimate in semantic markup


  36. Tim Berners-Lee’s Dream for the Web

    The Semantic Web
    Let agents do the work!

    Berners-Lee on the Semantic Web

    Berners-Lee discussing the Semantic Web on YouTube

    • Search engines are our agents
    • The semantic web using agents to perform tasks for us
    • Content becomes machine readable
    • Automation made possible
    • Content becomes portable
  37. Put it where you can find it!

    When we have trouble finding things we move thme to where they’re easily found.
  38. Microformats: Standardized Markup

    Microformats facilitate the migration of content to calendars and mobile devices for convenient retrieval
  39. Do Search Engines Take Advantage of Microformats?

    Not enough yet, but they’re heading in that direction

    Technorati, Yahoo! microSearch

  40. Yahoo! microSearch

    Screenshot of search for Aarron Walter in Yahoo! microSearch

    Yahoo! microSearch results for Aarron Walter

  41. Will I Get a Search Ranking Boost for Validating?


    Standards promote best practices, but a validation badge isn’t a backstage pass to the Google show.

  42. The Strongest Argument for Standards

    Websites that are findable can
    reach more people and can be more profitable

  43. The Day Findability Saved the World

    The SARS virus

    The SARS virus

    • GPHIN caught SARS epidemic 6 months before WHO
    • 20,000 sites in 7 languages crawled
    • What other world-wide changes could be made if our content was findable and machine readable? Imagine a series of medical microformats!
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