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Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond


There are a number of events at which I'll be speaking about the concepts discussed in Building Findable Websites.

September 25, 2008 11 Web Developers Lunch and Learn The University of Georgia

Sponsored by Web Developers on Campus. Aarron Walter discusses how web standards can help make any project easier to find for users and accessible to search engines.

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October 3-5th, 2008 Webmaster Jam Session Atlanta, GA
Finding a Place for Findability

Findability is a broad discipline that requires everyone involved in the planning and production of websites to do their part. Information architects, usability specialists, designers, developers, and everyone in between have the power to solve findability problems and help their client's message reach the intended audience.

In this session we'll have an open discussion about what we can and should be doing to develop findability strategies, and explore how we can rally the troops to think holistically about the project lifecycle in order to build more findable websites.

Findability Bliss Through Web Standards

Web standards are essential to making any project more findable for your users and accessible to search engines. With some web standards wisdom, even tricky technologies like Ajax and Flash can achieve findability nirvana.

This session will present the ideas and goals of findability, explore how it's more than SEO, and reveal practical techniques you can employ to help your audience discover your site.

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Past Events

April 25, 2008 12:15- 1:15am An Event Apart New Orleans, LA
Learn how web standards can help make any project more findable for your users and accessible to search engines. Findability bliss is even attainable with Ajax and Flash interfaces with some web standards wisdom. Slide Archive
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March 7th 2008SXSW Book Reading Austin, TX
A talk about some of the key points covered in Building Findable Websites. View the slides from the presentation at http://aarronwalter.com/presentations/sxsw08/
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About the Author

Aarron Walter, author of Building Findable Websites

Since 1999 Aarron Walter has been building websites professionally and teaching courses in interactive art and design at colleges and universities including Temple University, The University of Georgia, and The Art Institute of Atlanta-one of the few colleges teaching Web standards since 2002.

Aarron speaks at companies and conferences about findability, web standards, and the Web design industry, and is a member of the Web Standards Project Education Task Force. He blogs, builds, and shares at http://aarronwalter.com.